Yvette opens the door and steps aside for Moses to enter. “I told you it wasn’t far. I love the walk.”

“Yes, it was pleasant. I like this time of day.”

Yvette points at the lounge room, just visible from the entry hall. “Please.”

Moses proceeds in the direction indicated…


Moses, forty-five, dressed in neat, casual, dark slacks and a light-blue open shirt, walks through the café to the patio at the back. He stops at the table he usually sits at, the one in the corner, against the railing, overlooking the wooded creek below.


He feels put out…

Miguel & Ricardo

Miguel takes the letter he has just opened to where his father Ricardo is sitting at his desk. Ricardo looks up. Miguel hands him the letter and Ricardo reads it.

“That’s good news. Now you have three to choose from,” Ricardo says.

“But that’s the problem. Dad. How do I…

Josh & Chelsea

Josh walks into the Forest Glen aged-care home. He goes over to where his grandmother, Miriam, is sitting in the lounge room, reading The Education of Oversoul Seven.

“Hi Nan.”

Miriam puts her book down. “Oh, hello Josh. What are you doing here straight after school?”

“Mum dropped me off…

Daan Spijer

Lawyer, mediator, award-winning writer and photographer, living with his wife Sally in Mt Eliza, (south of Melbourne) Australia

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